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Using colour in home decor helps bring out your personality and style, as well as create the visual effect you desire. Handles and door knobs are a great way to do that with subtlety. Add vibrant cheerfulness to your spaces with yellow door knobs.

Where can you use yellow door knobs?

Coastal and Summer-Inspired Designs: Yellow door knobs can evoke a sense of warmth and sunshine, making them a suitable choice for coastal or summer-themed interiors. They can add a pop of vibrant colour, reminiscent of sandy beaches and sunny skies.

Accent and Statement Pieces: Yellow door knobs can be used as accent or statement pieces to create visual interest and focal points in a room. They can add a vibrant touch to neutral or monochromatic colour schemes, infusing a sense of vibrancy and personality into the space.

Bohemian and Eclectic Styles: Yellow door knobs can be incorporated into bohemian or eclectic interiors, where bold and vibrant colours are celebrated. They can add a touch of artistic flair and create a visually captivating atmosphere.


What range of colors are available for Mantara's knobs and handles?

Mantara offers a diverse range of colors for knobs and handles, including classic finishes like polished chrome and satin nickel, as well as bold options like matte black and vibrant hues such as red and blue.

Can I find matching knobs and handles for different areas of my home?

Absolutely. Mantara provides a wide selection of knobs and handles in various colors, allowing you to coordinate and customize the hardware throughout your home for a cohesive and stylish look.

Are Mantara's colored knobs and handles suitable for different interior design styles?

Yes, Mantara's colored knobs and handles are designed to complement a variety of interior design styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and eclectic, adding a touch of personality and elegance to any space.

How do I maintain the color and finish of Mantara's knobs and handles?

Mantara's colored knobs and handles are crafted with high-quality materials and finishes to withstand daily use and maintain their appearance over time. Simply clean them with a soft, damp cloth to remove any dust or residue and avoid using abrasive cleaners.

Does Mantara offer warranty coverage for its colored knobs and handles?

Yes, all of Mantara's colored knobs and handles come with comprehensive 6 months warranty coverage, reflecting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. You can trust in the durability and longevity of our products.