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Decorative Hangings for Your Home Décor

In the modern, evolving era, everything is fancy and pricey. As you build and design your home, it is one of the major investments in life. While you have to consider several factors while deciding the perfect décor for your home, essential door and wall accessories like hooks and hangers play an important role in deciding the entire functionality. At Mantara, you can shop from a wide collection of attractive door hardware to complement your home décor.

In addition to bringing about immense aesthetics, Mantara’s collection of designer hook hangers for doors and walls is highly functional at the same time. You can use them across different corners of the house to maximise practicality and décor in no time. Our impressive collection of door hooks and hangers features contemporary designs and finishes to enhance the existing appearance of any space effortlessly. To know more, go through our bespoke range now!

Wall and Door Hanging Hardware to Serve Multiple Functions

Are you bored with the existing monotonous décor of your home’s interiors? Wish to bring about an interesting makeover to different corners of the house? In most cases, the back of the doors or walls are some of the most under-looked areas of any house. We do not pay attention to this corner of the house, especially in terms of functionality and décor.

With Mantara’s unique range of designer hooks and hangers, you can now elevate the practicality of the doors and walls of your home. Whether you aim at hanging your keys or belts, extra clothing, caps, or any accessory, adhesive units for the back of your doors and walls are extremely functional and versatile. It will not only help in arranging specific items of the house neatly but will also impart a well-organised and managed look to your interior space. You can search for door hardware to go through different variations online.

Browse Through Different Types of Hardware for Your House Décor

Designer hooks and wall hangers are stylish and functional home accessories that can also be used as home décor. You can go through our versatile, convenient, and fashionable range of door units well-suited for your purpose or space. With a functional hook or hanger installed in any space of your home, you can look forward to minimising clutter in your home significantly.

One of the best aspects of our attractive hooks and hangers is that these can be used all around your house.

In the entrance hall or entryway, you can leverage the functionality of the accessories to hang up umbrellas, overcoats, keys, and hats. This allows you to quickly and conveniently put them on and off depending on whether you are entering or exiting the house. In the kitchen, you can leverage the functionality of hanging hooks for hanging smaller kitchen accessories like lightweight pans, knives, scissors, kitchen towels, pots, and mugs. This enables you to keep your cooking space well-organised. Additionally, it also improves the overall reach or accessibility to such items that you require on a frequent basis while preparing meals. For your laundry area, you can use these for doors or walls to hang up clothes. At Mantara, you can get access to attractive accessories in different sizes, shapes, and designs to serve your purpose of hanging clothes well. In your bathroom, door hardware plays a vital role in minimising clutter and making the space appear cleaner and well-organised. It is because you can hang extra clothing or towels on these units while maximising the functionality of the available space.

Check out different sizes available in hooks and hangers: Below 100 mm hooks, 200 mm - 300 mm hooks, 300mm - 1000mm hooks Mantara - Your One-Stop Destination to Shop Creative Hooks

As wall hangings are available in a myriad of designs, shapes, and sizes, you can choose the one that perfectly fits your requirements or décor needs. In addition to differences in sizes, shapes, and appearance, Mantara also brings forth the innovative range of door hardware in different finishes to upgrade the look of your existing space.

When you opt for a designer hook for your door or wall, the finish of the accessory determines the overall décor of the space. Going through some of our popular finish choices, you can choose the best designer components for your home décor. Matte Gold: It brings about a unique look while being stylish and sleek throughout. Matte gold units are highly versatile door accessories and can be installed across any corner of the house -right from your bedroom to entryway, kitchen, or bathroom. Chrome: The chrome finish imparts a sleek and versatile look that accentuates the décor of any space -from living rooms to kitchens, bedrooms to bathrooms. The neutral-toned finish is known to blend effectively with a wide range of other household appliances and accessories. Polished Gold: Polished gold takes inspiration from the Art period with its eye-catching, bright finish. It will effectively pair with a modern space without any efforts. Embrace the uniqueness of royal home décor and accessories by shopping for designer hardware at Mantara!


What are hanging hooks called?
These also go by the name of utility hooks that are immensely useful to be installed across different corners of the house. These are versatile pieces of home accessories that impart a functional and aesthetic meaning to your home décor.

Do self-adhesive hooks work on painted walls?
Self-adhesive units are great for decorating and organising your home décor without the involvement of screws or nails. They are capable of sticking to a wide range of surfaces -including painted drywall, tiles, glass, and even wood.

How high should you hang hooks?
Depending on the standard dimensions of the human being based on shoulder to eye height, clothes or coat hanging units should be installed at 60” to 66” above the ground level.
What makes MANTARA a leader in home hardware?
Our relentless pursuit of design excellence, customer-centric service, and innovation in functionality positions us as a leader in the home hardware industry.

Why should I choose MANTARA for my home hardware needs?
Choosing MANTARA means selecting hardware that stands for quality, elegance, and a brand that understands the art of home transformation. Our collection is carefully crafted to cater to those who value their living space as a form of self-expression.

What options does MANTARA provide for different types of knobs and pulls?
We offer a variety of knobs and pulls, including dummy knobs for a polished look, passage knobs for non-locking interior doors, keyed entry knobs for secure access, and privacy knobs for spaces requiring solitude.

Can MANTARA's knobs be incorporated into any design theme?
Absolutely. Our selection includes timeless wooden door knobs for a rustic touch, ceramic wardrobe knobs for artisanal charm, and sleek contemporary designs for modern homes.

How does MANTARA cater to the needs of distributors and dealers?
MANTARA values our B2B relationships, offering a seamless purchase process, reliable supply chain, and products that stand out in the competitive home hardware market.

How does MANTARA ensure a match with my existing home decor?
Our diverse range of finishes, from matte black to chrome polish and the classic elegance of antique door knobs, ensures there's a MANTARA knob to complement every interior design scheme.

Are there sustainable and eco-friendly knobs available at MANTARA?
Indeed. MANTARA champions environmental consciousness with a selection of eco-friendly knobs that blend sustainable practices with luxury design.

Can I rely on MANTARA for long-lasting home hardware?
Absolutely. Durability is a core tenet of our brand. Our knobs are designed to withstand the test of time, melding robustness with design finesse.

How does MANTARA stay ahead in a competitive market?
MANTARA stands out by offering an experience that goes beyond the transactional. From our design philosophy to our customer service, we provide a holistic approach to home hardware that our competitors simply can't match.

In what way does MANTARA embody the ethos of accessible luxury?
Accessible luxury is at the core of MANTARA's philosophy. We democratise elegance, ensuring that our luxurious knobs are within reach, reflecting our customers' aspirations in every product we offer.

What kind of support can I expect when choosing MANTARA products?
Our commitment to exceptional service means that our team is always ready to offer personalised advice and support, ensuring that every interaction with MANTARA enhances your experience of building the perfect home.

How does MANTARA contribute to home renovations and remodeling projects?
Whether it's a full-scale renovation or a simple remodeling project, MANTARA offers an array of knobs that can redefine any space. Our products are designed to be the finishing touches that turn a house into your home.

What makes MANTARA a brand of choice for luxury and style?
MANTARA is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Our brand is the epitome of aspirational living, offering a range of products that are both innovative and stylish, ensuring that every detail in your home is a reflection of your personal brand.