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Elevating Your Home with Designer Door Handles and Pulls

When it comes to interior decor, attention to detail makes a significant difference. Door handles and pulls, although smaller in size, can have the biggest impact on the overall aesthetics and appearance of a room. The attention to detail and accuracy differentiate between regular handles and designer door handles and pulls. Spending more time choosing the best door handle design is always worth it to ensure the room's appearance and beauty are elevated. Reputed interior designers emphasise that design, material, and features can significantly improve a room's appearance. Therefore, selecting the right door handles can transform your home into a luxurious abode.

Hardware handles and pulls come in a wide range of designs, types, shapes, and materials. They enhance the appearance of doors and furniture while emphasising security, convenience, and privacy. Let's explore the world of various types of designer door handles and furniture handles.

Elegant Exterior and Interior Door Handles and Pulls By Mantara.

Differentiating between exterior and interior door handles is crucial. Exterior handles, such as the main door handle design, are sturdier, more durable, and offer a secure locking mechanism for safety. Their larger size ensures ease and convenience of use. Interior handle designs are more delicate and better in design, often matching the theme of the overall interiors. Designer door handles are installed not only for functionality but also to improve room aesthetics. Door handles and pulls are essential for opening and shutting doors, while some also have locks, such as bedroom and bathroom door handles. Glass doors in commercial spaces often feature minimalist and premium glass door handle designs, while homes use stylish door handle sets and window handle designs.

Different Types of Door Handles:

Hardware handles come in various shapes, sizes, and functionality. They can be classified into different types based on their primary function:

Pull Handles: Common in interiors, these handles assist in opening and closing doors and furniture like cupboards and cabinets. Designer pulls come in unique shapes, appearances, and sizes, with variations for exteriors and interiors.

Lever with Latch: These handles offer enhanced security, featuring a lever to open doors easily and a latch to keep them closed securely. Some lever-with-latch handles have locking mechanisms for added security.

Recessed Handles: Primarily used for sliding doors and windows, these pulls facilitate easy opening and closing with durable designs suited for sliding doors.

Things to Look for In Designer Handles:

With many options available, finding the best door handles and pulls can be overwhelming. Consider the following factors:

Material: Choose high-quality materials like Brass, Crystal, Leather, Aluminium Alloy, Acrylic, Marble, Zinc, or Wood for durability and premium aesthetics.

Design: Designer handles often feature unique contemporary or vintage designs that complement your home's personality and charm.

Usability: Handles must be easy to grab for convenient door and drawer operation.

Durability: Ensure handles are made with premium-quality materials to maintain their appearance and functionality over time.

Finding the right door handles and pulls for your home is simplified with brands like Mantara offering high-quality designer options. Explore a wide range of unique designs and styles curated for a luxurious home vibe.


What are the different types of door handles?
Different types include pull handles, lever handles, and recessed door handles, each varying in usability for exteriors or interiors.

What are popular door handles?
Popular finishes include Polished Stainless Steel, Satin-finish Stainless Steel, Matte Black, and Copper for door handles and pulls.

Do all door handles fit all doors?
No, door handles and pulls come in various shapes and sizes, fitting doors based on requirements and types.
What makes MANTARA a leader in home hardware?
Our relentless pursuit of design excellence, customer-centric service, and innovation in functionality positions us as a leader in the home hardware industry.

Why should I choose MANTARA for my home hardware needs?
Choosing MANTARA means selecting hardware that stands for quality, elegance, and a brand that understands the art of home transformation. Our collection is carefully crafted to cater to those who value their living space as a form of self-expression.

What options does MANTARA provide for different types of knobs and pulls?
We offer a variety of knobs and pulls, including dummy knobs for a polished look, passage knobs for non-locking interior doors, keyed entry knobs for secure access, and privacy knobs for spaces requiring solitude.

Can MANTARA's knobs be incorporated into any design theme?
Absolutely. Our selection includes timeless wooden door knobs for a rustic touch, ceramic wardrobe knobs for artisanal charm, and sleek contemporary designs for modern homes.

How does MANTARA cater to the needs of distributors and dealers?
MANTARA values our B2B relationships, offering a seamless purchase process, reliable supply chain, and products that stand out in the competitive home hardware market.

How does MANTARA ensure a match with my existing home decor?
Our diverse range of finishes, from matte black to chrome polish and the classic elegance of antique door knobs, ensures there's a MANTARA knob to complement every interior design scheme.

Are there sustainable and eco-friendly knobs available at MANTARA?
Indeed. MANTARA champions environmental consciousness with a selection of eco-friendly knobs that blend sustainable practices with luxury design.

Can I rely on MANTARA for long-lasting home hardware?
Absolutely. Durability is a core tenet of our brand. Our knobs are designed to withstand the test of time, melding robustness with design finesse.

How does MANTARA stay ahead in a competitive market?
MANTARA stands out by offering an experience that goes beyond the transactional. From our design philosophy to our customer service, we provide a holistic approach to home hardware that our competitors simply can't match.

In what way does MANTARA embody the ethos of accessible luxury?
Accessible luxury is at the core of MANTARA's philosophy. We democratise elegance, ensuring that our luxurious knobs are within reach, reflecting our customers' aspirations in every product we offer.

What kind of support can I expect when choosing MANTARA products?
Our commitment to exceptional service means that our team is always ready to offer personalised advice and support, ensuring that every interaction with MANTARA enhances your experience of building the perfect home.

How does MANTARA contribute to home renovations and remodeling projects?
Whether it's a full-scale renovation or a simple remodeling project, MANTARA offers an array of knobs that can redefine any space. Our products are designed to be the finishing touches that turn a house into your home.

What makes MANTARA a brand of choice for luxury and style?
MANTARA is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Our brand is the epitome of aspirational living, offering a range of products that are both innovative and stylish, ensuring that every detail in your home is a reflection of your personal brand.