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Embrace Your Space with MANTARA's Exquisite Knob Selection

At MANTARA, we understand that the essence of a home lies in the details. Our knobs collection is meticulously curated to resonate with the discerning tastes of our clientele, ranging from the middle-income DIY enthusiast to the ultra-high-end interior designer. Our offerings are designed to captivate a global audience, mirroring their penchant for premium home decor and the latest in design innovation.

Refined Choices for Every Interior: Our collection is not just an array of hardware; it's a selection of masterpieces catering to the taste of every demographic, from young homeowners to experienced architects. We understand that our customers seek not just function but a form that reflects their unique style—a fusion of practical usability with luxurious aesthetics. Each knob in our collection, from the sleek drawer pulls to the stately door knobs, is a testament to our brand's mission: to infuse every home with personal expression and unmatched elegance.

Innovation and Elegance in Every Detail: Our vision at MANTARA is to be the beacon of home hardware elegance globally. We are more than just a brand; we are a movement towards a future where every home is a personalised masterpiece. Our knobs are the storytellers of this vision, each design carefully conceived to align with our clientele's sophisticated lifestyle preferences and the cutting-edge trends in home decor.

Personalized Service, Tailored Experience: Our mission at MANTARA resonates through every interaction—we aim to revolutionise the selection and purchasing experience of home hardware. By championing intuitive design and customer-centric service, we ensure that choosing MANTARA means opting for a seamless journey to elegance. Our knobs are not mere fixtures; they are an extension of our customers' identity, encapsulating our shared values of innovation, simplicity, and inclusivity.

Your Go-To Destination for Luxurious Knobs and Pulls: MANTARA's collection of knobs and pulls is a treasure trove of craftsmanship designed to match the unique demands of our clientele. From the subtle sophistication of our satin finish knobs to the contemporary flair of our ceramic wardrobe pieces, each product is a nod to our brand's global outlook and dedication to quality. Whether you're in the market for rose gold door knobs that exude warmth or seeking the bold statement of black cabinet knobs, MANTARA's selection is unmatched in its breadth and quality.

With MANTARA, every detail counts. From the smallest drawer knob to the most prominent door handle, we ensure each product is a statement of your refined taste and our commitment to excellence.
Bring Trending Knobs to Your Home from MANTARA: With Mantara, you can come across contemporary designs of handle knobs in the door hardware market to match all types of interior spaces -whether commercial or residential. For the best outcomes, you can go through our latest trends for modern hardware that brings elegant style to your interior designs:

Satin Finish: The satin finish of vintage door knobs imparts a subtle gloss - performing well against smudges and fingerprint marks. Therefore, it makes up for a low-maintenance finish. This is why satin finish is a leading option for modern home styles wherein modernism and functionality align. Satin finish door knobs suit contemporary décor.
Matte Black: Door furniture and hardware in matte black finish offers a luxurious feel to contemporary interiors. Matte black designer knobs have increased in overall demand as homeowners opt for modern black details in home décor. The matte black door furnishing is available in a bespoke collection for complementing interior door designs. The bold colour makes a powerful statement when added to any door type.
Chrome Polish: Chrome knobs help in displaying a neutral tone to suit contemporary styles. Rose polish is one of the most prominent styles as they impart a minimalist appearance on the façade of the door. The chrome polish for door hardware that is vintage imparts a sense of continuity with respect to the general cosmetic of the door - especially when complemented with attractive fixtures, furnishings, and fittings.
Whether you are installing a new door or revamping the existing one, you can enhance the door of your interior doors with the installation of bespoke knobs by MANTARA. Our designer door accessories help in expressing your innate style when it comes to designing interior spaces. Our great selection of front knobs will definitely astound you while also accommodating your budget. Choose attractive knobs from the leading manufacturers in a vast array of finishes, functions, and styles.


What is the trend in knobs?
With respect to door knob trends, you can look for satin, vintage, chrome, and rustic finishes and designs.

What is the most common door knob?
If you wish to improve the security of your house, you can install a front door knob with a lock. It is one of the most common variants.

Can any door knob fit any door?
No. Depending on the thickness and functionality, you can order from our wide range of knobs for your home design.

What are the current trends in knob designs?
Trends in knob designs mirror the broader currents in home decor, with a tilt towards eco-friendly materials, matte black finishes, and the understated elegance of satin and chrome. MANTARA stays ahead by integrating these trends with timeless designs.

How does MANTARA ensure quality in its knobs?
Quality is the bedrock of the MANTARA experience. Each knob is crafted with precision, ensuring that durability meets design in every piece.

What makes MANTARA a leader in home hardware?
Our relentless pursuit of design excellence, customer-centric service, and innovation in functionality positions us as a leader in the home hardware industry.

Why should I choose MANTARA for my home hardware needs?
Choosing MANTARA means selecting hardware that stands for quality, elegance, and a brand that understands the art of home transformation. Our collection is carefully crafted to cater to those who value their living space as a form of self-expression.

What options does MANTARA provide for different types of knobs and pulls?
We offer a variety of knobs and pulls, including dummy knobs for a polished look, passage knobs for non-locking interior doors, keyed entry knobs for secure access, and privacy knobs for spaces requiring solitude.

Can MANTARA's knobs be incorporated into any design theme?
Absolutely. Our selection includes timeless wooden door knobs for a rustic touch, ceramic wardrobe knobs for artisanal charm, and sleek contemporary designs for modern homes.

How does MANTARA cater to the needs of distributors and dealers?
MANTARA values our B2B relationships, offering a seamless purchase process, reliable supply chain, and products that stand out in the competitive home hardware market.

How does MANTARA ensure a match with my existing home decor?
Our diverse range of finishes, from matte black to chrome polish and the classic elegance of antique door knobs, ensures there's a MANTARA knob to complement every interior design scheme.

Are there sustainable and eco-friendly knobs available at MANTARA?
Indeed. MANTARA champions environmental consciousness with a selection of eco-friendly knobs that blend sustainable practices with luxury design.

Can I rely on MANTARA for long-lasting home hardware?
Absolutely. Durability is a core tenet of our brand. Our knobs are designed to withstand the test of time, melding robustness with design finesse.

How does MANTARA stay ahead in a competitive market?
MANTARA stands out by offering an experience that goes beyond the transactional. From our design philosophy to our customer service, we provide a holistic approach to home hardware that our competitors simply can't match.

In what way does MANTARA embody the ethos of accessible luxury?
Accessible luxury is at the core of MANTARA's philosophy. We democratise elegance, ensuring that our luxurious knobs are within reach, reflecting our customers' aspirations in every product we offer.

What kind of support can I expect when choosing MANTARA products?
Our commitment to exceptional service means that our team is always ready to offer personalised advice and support, ensuring that every interaction with MANTARA enhances your experience of building the perfect home.

How does MANTARA contribute to home renovations and remodeling projects?
Whether it's a full-scale renovation or a simple remodeling project, MANTARA offers an array of knobs that can redefine any space. Our products are designed to be the finishing touches that turn a house into your home.

What makes MANTARA a brand of choice for luxury and style?
MANTARA is synonymous with luxury and elegance. Our brand is the epitome of aspirational living, offering a range of products that are both innovative and stylish, ensuring that every detail in your home is a reflection of your personal brand.