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Where can you use rose gold handles and knobs?

Modern and Contemporary Interiors: Rose gold handles and knobsare well-suited for modern and contemporary interiors. Their warm and luxurious tone can complement sleek and minimalistic designs, creating a harmonious and refined look. They work particularly well in spaces with a neutral or monochromatic colour scheme, adding a subtle hint of glamour and style.

Feminine and Romantic Spaces: Rose gold door knobs and handles can enhance the ambiance of feminine and romantic spaces. They bring a soft and delicate touch, creating a sense of elegance and charm. These door knobs can be a perfect fit for bedrooms, dressing rooms, or spaces with a romantic theme, evoking a dreamy and sophisticated atmosphere.

Luxury and High-End Settings: Rose gold door knobs and handles are often associated with luxury and opulence. They can be used in upscale residences, boutique hotels, or high-end commercial spaces to exude a sense of exclusivity and refinement. In such settings, rose gold door knobs can contribute to a luxurious and lavish aesthetic, enhancing the overall perception of sophistication.

Transitional Designs: Rose gold door knobs and handles work well in transitional interior designs that blend elements of both traditional and contemporary styles. They can add a touch of modernity and freshness to traditional spaces, bridging the gap between classic and contemporary aesthetics. This combination creates a visually appealing and unique environment.

Shop Mantara’s swoon-worthy rose gold handle collection for interiors that exude elegance.


1. What design elements do Mantara's rose gold handles and knobs complement in modern interiors?

Mantara's rose gold handles and knobs beautifully complement modern interiors by adding warmth and sophistication to sleek, minimalist designs. Their luxurious tone harmonizes effortlessly with neutral or monochromatic color schemes, creating a refined and elegant aesthetic that elevates any space.

2. How do Mantara's rose gold door knobs contribute to the ambiance of luxury residences and boutique hotels?

Mantara's rose gold door knobs epitomize luxury and exclusivity, making them the perfect choice for upscale residences and boutique hotels. Their opulent finish exudes sophistication and refinement, enhancing the overall ambiance of luxury spaces and leaving a lasting impression on residents and guests alike.

3. In what ways can Mantara's rose gold handles and knobs enhance transitional interior designs?

Mantara's rose gold handles and knobs seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary elements in transitional interior designs. Their timeless elegance adds a modern twist to classic spaces, creating a transitional aesthetic that is both visually stunning and uniquely sophisticated.