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Fine Almirah Designs to Suit Your Interiors 

Almirahs offer clean, organized storage solutions for the entire house. As they are a staple piece of furniture -well-suited for every room, it is only true that every detail should be immaculate -right down to the almirah handles. We are India’s leading manufacturers of designer and luxury almirah handles and knobs to suit every home design. 

Luxury Almirah Handles to Accentuate Your Home Décor 

Every room needs ample storage. Using almirahs or cupboards is a great way to keep all your belongings neatly tucked away -without consuming exterior space. A great almirah is incomplete without a functional and stylish handle to match its décor. At Mantara, you are assured to find the best handles to complement the cupboard beautifully.  

With an abundance of choices available for handles within the online catalogue, you will be spoilt for choices. We have an extensive array of unique styles that are deemed the most popular for cupboards and almirahs -like Bar and D handles in a wide range of luxury finishes. As sleek, innovative storage solutions, we have realized that handles are the most important accessories of any cupboard -thanks to the simple, sleek, and minimalist design.  

Browse Through Our Range of Designer Almirah Handles for Contemporary Interiors 

Our bespoke furniture handles and knobs are deemed as precious jewelry pieces for cabinets, wardrobes, and almirahs. We are designers of jewelry for furniture. Our luxury almirah handles depict an elegant touch of glamor for different furniture pieces. The ultimate finish is handmade pattern executed by our skilled craftspeople. Our designs for door hardware are inspired by ancient history and adapted to suit contemporary styles.  

Our unique finishes -including brass, zinc, leather, and wood impart a timeless character to add value to each piece. At Mantara, our bespoke designs for door hardware and furniture feature architectural detailing in artistic movement. Our designs are created to enhance decorative, luxury furniture by providing special details. The statement handles that we manufacture are inspired by iconic looks and will be perceived as precious jewelry for your cabinets, wardrobes, and almirahs. You can take a glance at our unique handle collection available in different shapes, sizes, materials, and types.  

Premium Materials That Amplify Even the Simplest Designs 

Handles are the most common grips for home furniture. Our statement pieces are available in a myriad of material choices. All our material selections elevate your furniture design effortlessly. 

Brass: Brass is an alloy featuring 60% copper in combination with traces of zinc and tin. Brass for door handles is a highly durable material while exhibiting a golden sheen throughout. As we finish on the solid brass material, we make sure that the finish will not wear off easily -unlike other common materials. 
Zinc: Zinc is a highly durable and strong choice for door hardware. You can choose our exclusive zinc material in a wide range of finishes to enhance your almirah design. 
Wood: Wood is undeniably natural and rustic. Traditional in all essences, wood imparts a sense of sheer conventionalism and something drenched in ancient history to impart your furniture a classic touch.  
Leather: With premium, you think of leather. The material has an unmatched symbolism with something luxurious and extravagant -leather door handles by Mantara are no exception! 

To ensure that we cater to all needs, our website also stocks a wide range of size options for door hardware like grips. As you fall in love with our curated range of premium almirah handles, you are assured to find the one that is perfect for all your needs. Our cupboard or almirah handles are available in an array of sizes and lengths, with varying screw sizes as well as hole centers -spanning 1.92 inches to 392mm. 

Shopping with Mantara, you do not have to worry about decorating your home luxuriously as we offer access to the finest collection of furniture hardware that you aspire. Our diverse variety of almirah handles and knobs bring your furniture to life and upgrade your home décor in no time. 

What size almirah handles do I need? 

Depending on the size of the almirah, you can choose the right size of the handles. You have the option of choosing from 1.9inches to 392mm.