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This design style focuses on clean lines and minimalist aesthetics. Neutral colour palettes and materials integrate seamlessly for a clean, uncluttered space.


Inspired by warehouses and factories, the industrial style is all about the raw, unfinished look. Utilitarian furniture, high ceilings, and natural lighting come together for this style to shine.


Known for its simplicity and functionality, the Scandinavian style emphasises clean lines, natural materials and neutral colours. The focus is on creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere while incorporating elements inspired by nature, whenever possible.


This diverse design style draws inspiration from centuries of rich Indian culture focusing on vibrant colours, ornate detailing, and intricate patterns. Brass, baroque textiles, and elements of wood make this unique style shine.


This free-spirited design style is all about mixing textiles, earth tones, and unique pieces to create the perfect interior for the eclectic creative in you.


Retro aesthetics featuring pieces with rich history and character is the foundation for this style. Timeless additions with personality and warmth is perfect for this design style.