The Role of Hardware in Achieving a Coastal Design

Designing a coastal home is about creating a space that captures the essence of the sea and its surrounding natural beauty. This style is characterized by a soothing palette of blues, greens, and sandy hues, and it often incorporates elements like wicker, rope, and driftwood. Hardware plays a key role in tying this style together, as it provides the finishing touches that make a coastal-inspired space feel authentic and complete.

Hardware refers to the decorative elements that are added to furniture, cabinets, doors, and windows to enhance their appearance and functionality. This can include handles, knobs, hinges, and locks. In a coastal-inspired home, hardware should complement the overall design aesthetic and provide a sense of comfort, simplicity, and ease.



For a true coastal look, hardware made of natural materials like rope, rattan, and jute can add texture and warmth to your space. These materials are often used in nautical settings and bring to mind images of boats, fishing nets, and seaside living. Choose hardware that is sturdy, functional, and has an organic, hand-crafted feel.

Metal hardware is another option for coastal-inspired homes. Brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and pewter all have a patina that gives them a weathered look and feel, making them a great choice for coastal-inspired spaces. These metals are also durable and can withstand the moisture and salt air that is often present in coastal areas.



Glass hardware can also be used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your coastal-inspired home. Clear, frosted, or etched glass is a beautiful option for cabinets, doors, and windows, as it adds a touch of lightness and allows the natural beauty of the surroundings to shine through.



Finally, don’t forget about the hardware that is often overlooked, such as door stops, door viewers, and kick plates. These functional elements can also be incorporated into the design of your coastal-inspired home and can add a touch of personality and style to even the smallest of spaces.

At MANTARA, we understand the importance of hardware in achieving the desired look and feel of a coastal-inspired home. That’s why we offer a wide range of hardware options that are designed to complement this style. From natural materials like rope and jute, to metal options in brushed nickel and pewter, we have everything you need to bring your coastal-inspired vision to life. So why wait? Start designing your dream coastal-inspired home today and discover the many benefits of MANTARA’s hardware options.